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Nominee and Trustee ServicesOur Nominee service will provide you with the confidentiality you need.

The major idea behind Nominee service is to ensure the security and privacy of your business. Our service aims to protect your identity and ensure your anonymity with maximum confidentiality.

The Nominee Director or Shareholder appears on the company documents to protect the company’s actual beneficial owner or director. Nominees will not be able to manage the company. The power of attorney will be issued so you can operate your business with authorization, if you need to act as a legal representative of the company in your country. Advise of how to close public record of your personal information will be suggested by our lawyers.

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Tax PlanningIntercorp can be responsible for tax optimization for your company to ensure its efficiency and worry-free operations.

As your company secretary, we will be responsible to ensure that your company is in good standing and makes necessary returns to the registrar and the government, which requires a complete understanding of local company law and practice. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that a locally based professional be appointed even if there is no strict legal requirement.

For instance:

Consider a case of a company limited by shares operating under a two-tiered profit tax regime in Hong Kong with no tax on dividends, no VAT, and no tax on interest income.

The company can exempt tax if it does not engage in any business activities in Hong Kong and without profit at all. The Inland Revenue Department will decide whether your profit is generated offshore. In short, the considering factors are:

  • If the company has employee and office in Hong Kong;
  • If the company has signed contracts in Hong Kong;
  • If Hong Kong is an invoice place;
  • If the company has any transactions with other Hong Kong companies.
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Law Services (Hong Kong) The legal process in Hong Kong is world-class efficient, yet the in-depth understanding of procedures and requirements remains the key to flawless business performance. Professionals of Intercorp can offer legal support for your business and handle legal issues in Hong Kong.

Legal Consultation (Hong Kong)

You may encounter many legal issues or business difficulties upon your operation in Hong Kong. Our professionals can help you solve these problems and respond to your challenges efficiently.

Our law firm’s partnership network can assist you to participate in litigation or other legal areas at ease. We communicate directly with you and our partners to ensure effectiveness and smooth resolution of any legal obstacle that might arise over the course of your business activity. If you are interested, feel free to chat with us about your case.

Legal Representative (Hong Kong)

Conducting business in Hong Kong may involve contacting various government departments such as Inland Revenue Department, Companies Registry, or sometimes be represented in court. It is in fact compulsory to employ a company secretary if you choose to operate a Hong Kong company.

If you are not physically present in Hong Kong, Intercorp can become your legal representative. Our team has extensive experience in working with government agencies in Hong Kong as well as strong network with banks, auditors, lawyers and many other partners who can assist with your business needs including commercial activities. Get in touch with our case managers to tailor our services according to your requirements.

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Trademark (Hong Kong and China)Trademark is an important component of starting operating your company as it is used to promote and identify goods and services. It can be expressed in text, logos, designs, letters, characters, numeral, smell, figurative elements, colors, sound, shapes, or any combination thereof.

China is notorious for copyright issues. Thus, trademark protection should be the basis of any business. Once registered, rest assured that your logos and intellectual property will not be used by any third party. Contact us now to kick start your business.

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Recruitment Services (Hong Kong) If you are not based in Hong Kong, recruiting staff may be a challenging and time-consuming process for you.

Our consultants will equip you with professional insights on important aspects of Hong Kong’s labor legislation such mandatory pension contributions, payroll requirements and insurance. This will prepare you for hiring and maintaining talent in your company.

We have extensive experience in providing Human Resource services in Hong Kong. We take pride in our comprehensive recruitment and selection process as we have extensive network and resources to find the best professional fulfilling your job vacancy and corporate image. Get connected with our consultants to find the best fit for your business.

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Visa Application (Hong Kong and China) If you own a company in Hong Kong and want to relocate to Hong Kong or if you would like to settle your family to Hong Kong or if you require assistance for your overseas employees’ visa applications, feel free to contact us.

Intercorp team will advise you on immigration-related procedures, restrictions and requirements to be able to operate and habituate in Hong Kong. We will assist you from A to Z; from consultation on best practices, all application filing to final submissions. Get in touch now.

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Real Property Services (Hong Kong) Our latest addition to meeting your demands and business needs is Real Estate services. For business looking to occupy cost-effective yet inspiring workplaces as well as convenient houses, our team will help you find comfortable spaces for your company and a home for you.

We will connect you with the right person and advise you based on our internal knowledge and networks along with your requirements regarding location, restaurants, transport links, shopping, recreation facilities and proximity to schools. You will never have to worry about housing and relocation, contact us now.

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Digital Marketing SolutionsOur collaboration with IMPACTA DIGITAL and BeFast TV expands our services to equip your business with all essential marketing tools for high exposure and sales.

We can take care of your digital marketing activities: lead generation, conversion optimization and instant data reporting. What it includes:

  • Marketing research (industry, target market, company);
  • Organic and paid social media strategy and management;
  • Email marketing strategy and management;
  • Lead magnets design (surveys, infographics, articles, guides biogs etc);
  • Community engagement;
  • Website design/ content consulting and optimization;
  • Email marketing strategy and management;
  • SEO and Google Ads;
  • Google analytics, live chat management and monitoring;
  • Video marketing (crowdfunding campaigns, commercials, corporate videos, documentaries, product reviews etc.
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