List of All Banks we work with Ready to get a Bank Account?! Open an Offshore Bank Account with INTERCORP


# Bank
min. Deposit (USD)
min. Balance (USD)
Processing Time
No Visit
1 HSBC Hong Kong USD 1,300 USD 6,500 2-5 weeks No
2 Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong USD 1,300 USD 6,500 1-5 weeks No
3 Citibank N.A Hong Kong HKD 50,000 HKD 50,000 1 month No
4 Bank of China (Private Banking) Hong Kong Required Required Varies No
5 China CITIC Bank International Hong Kong Not required Not required 1 month No
6 OCBC Singapore USD 30,000 USD 30,000 1-2 weeks No
7 DBS Singapore USD 50,000 USD 50,000 1-2 weeks No*
8 CIM Banque Switzerland CHF 10,000 CHF 10,000 3-10 working days Yes
9 Bank of Cyprus Cyprus Not required Not required 3-10 working days Yes^
10 BENDURA BANK AG Lichtenstein CHF 5,000 CHF 5,000 2 working days Yes
11 Rietumu Bank Latvia EUR 10,000 EUR 10,000 5-7 working days Yes#
12 ABC Banking Corporation Mauritius Not required Not required 3-5 working days Yes
13 Meinl Bank Austria Not required Not required 13-15 working days No
14 Euro Pacific Bank Puerto Rico USD 500 Not required 3-5 working days Yes
In some cases, the account can be opened remotely. Please contact our specialists for the details.
You can process the application in one of our offices.
The bank offers to visit one of their branches.

Hong Kong Banking

Hong Kong assembles the largest international banks with multiple Asia-Pacific branches and headquarters. In terms of international transaction volume, it is one of the largest international banking centres in the world and Asia's second coming after Japan. The banking industry is significant to the Hong Kong economy.

Hong Kong has 151 licensed banks (of which 128 are foreign banks), 19 have restricted license banks (half of which registered overseas) and 26 local deposit-taking companies.

There is a comprehensive network of 1,300 local branches for the 196 licensed banks and financial companies. Also, 65 overseas banks have local representative office in Hong Kong.

Bank accounts are crucial to daily business and Hong Kong does not have foreign exchange controls. Thus, funds can be easily accessed. Due to the cumbersome banking services, overseas businessmen usually face difficulties in opening bank accounts with local banks in Hong Kong. A personal meeting with a bank officer is required in order to open a bank account. Usually the processing time is about 5 weeks.

INTERCORP understands the requirements of major banks and we are glad to help you with your account opening in Hong Kong and around the globe.

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