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Nominee and Trustee ServicesOur Nominee Service will provide you with the privacy you need.

The major idea behind Nominee Service is to ensure the maximum degree of confidentiality and security. The purpose is to protect the identity of the customer, ensuing anonymity and maximum privacy. The Nominee Director or Shareholder appears in the corporate documents and protects the actual beneficial owner or director of the Company. Nominees are not entitled to manage the Company. If you need to act as a legal representative of the Company in your country the Power of Attorney is issued so you are fully authorized to run your Business. Our lawyers will advise you on how to keep your personal information off public records.

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Tax PlanningIntercorp can take care of tax optimization for your company to ensure the most efficient performance.

It is usually the responsibility of the company secretary to make sure that a company is in good standing and make the necessary returns to the registrar and government. This requires a thorough knowledge of local company law and practice so it is strongly recommended that a locally based professional is appointed even if there is no strict legal requirement to do so.


Hong Kong profit tax is a flat rate of 16.5%. There is no tax on dividends, no VAT, and no tax on interest income in Hong Kong

If the company does not conduct any business activities in Hong Kong, and no profit arises in Hong Kong, it is possible to apply tax free in Hong Kong. The Inland Revenue Department will determine whether your profit is arising offshore. Generally, the considering factors are:

  • Whether the company has staff and office premise in Hong Kong
  • Whether the company signs contracts in Hong Kong
  • Whether Hong Kong is the invoicing place
  • Whether the company has any transactions with other Hong Kong company
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Legal ServicesLegal procedures in Hong Kong are one of the most efficient in the world, yet deep knowledge of the procedures and requirements remains the key to flawless business performance. Specialists of Intercorp can provide legal support to your operations in Hong Kong and take care of legal issues you might face.

Legal Consultation

You may confront many legal questions or commercial difficulties when doing business in Hong Kong. Our professional team will help you to solve these problems and cope with your difficulties.

Our partnership network of law firms can also assist you in litigations or other legal areas.

Legal Representative

Doing business in Hong Kong may require you liaise with various government departments such as Inland Revenue Department, Companies Registry, or sometimes be represented in court.

Intercorp can be your legal representative in Hong Kong if you are not physically present here. Our team is highly experienced in working with the government departments in Hong Kong.

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Trademark (Hong Kong and China)Trademark is a sign which is used to promote and identify goods and services of a particular source. It can be represented by words, logos, designs, letters, characters, numeral, smell, figurative elements, colors, sound, shapes, or any combination of the above.

China is infamous for issues with copyright, therefore trademark protection should be at the very basis of any business. We can help you register a trademark in China and Hong Kong. Once registered, your logos and intellectual property will be safe from being used by a third party.

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Recruitment ServicesRecruiting staff in Hong Kong can be a long and burdensome process if you are not based in Hong Kong.

Our team is experienced in providing human resource services in Hong Kong. We take pride in our comprehensive recruiting and screening processes and will find the best candidates to fill your vacancy as well as to fit your corporate profile.

Our consultants will provide you with professional advice on various important aspects of the labour legislation in Hong Kong such as mandatory pension contributions, payroll requirements and insurance.

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Visa Application Intercorp team will provide you with advice on immigration to Hong Kong and assistance with your visa application.

Please contact us if you own a company in Hong Kong and would like to relocate to Hong Kong, if you would like to bring your family to Hong Kong, or if you require assistance in arranging an employment visa for your overseas employee.

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Real Property ServicesIntercorp offers real property services and will help find office premises for your company and a cozy home for you.

We will provide your with advice based on our insider knowledge and your requirements regarding location, transport links, shopping and recreation facilities and proximity to schools.

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Digital Marketing SolutionsOur collaboration with IMPACTA DIGITAL and BeFast TV expands our services to equip your business with all essential marketing tools for high exposure and sales.

We can take care of your digital marketing activities: lead generation, conversion optimization and instant data reporting. What it includes:

  • Marketing research (industry, target market, company);
  • Organic and paid social media strategy and management;
  • Email marketing strategy and management;
  • Lead magnets design (surveys, infographics, articles, guides biogs etc);
  • Community engagement;
  • Website design/ content consulting and optimization;
  • Email marketing strategy and management;
  • SEO and Google Ads;
  • Google analytics, live chat management and monitoring;
  • Video marketing (crowdfunding campaigns, commercials, corporate videos, documentaries, product reviews etc.
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